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We locate people with as little information as a first and last name.

People Search and People Finder

InvestigateThem utilize not one but up to five national databases providers which are “not” available to you the general public we can find a person anywhere in the US and if need be overseas.

If your interested in locating a missing person, lost loved one, old friend, family, old co-worker, old college friend, etc... Here are just a few things you should consider to help us help you. The smallest amount of information can sometimes change the way we will find your subject. Example: If your subject has a name that is very common i.e. Johnson Jones, Smith, etc…without a middle initial, state, or partial date of birth that will make our job much more difficult.

How you can make our search more targeted and suited to quickly find your subject:

    Possible Aka's - Nicknames, Surnames, Maiden name

    Date of birth or even possible birth year

    Town they grow up in

    State they grow up in

    Ex-spouse or significant other first or last name

    Type of employment

    Basically what do you know about this person

Our Basic People Search $35.00

Our people finder search is always the first step taken in every people finder search investigation we perform. It can contain possible telephone information (landline and cell phone), current and previous residence including indicators on unverified phones and addresses.

Included in this report:

    First and Last Name

    Address Summary

    Current and Previous Residents

    Possible phones listed to the Address

Our Advanced  Background Check Comprehensive Report  (call for pricing)

Our People Finder Comprehensive Report is our most advanced report. We utilize all our data base resources and combine multiple searches into one thorough report. This report is normally utilized for commercial use providing information to landlords, attorney firms, and the corporate sector.

Included in this report:

    Criminal History

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